It’s been a long time coming and we are finally here. Version 1.0 is complete and we have released it for public use. There are many features included in this launch and many more to be added in the upcoming releases. Create an account and start tracking your aviation career today! If you are unfamiliar with who we are or what we do and offer, please head over to our About Us page. I would also encourage you to read our blog as information about new features will be posted there.

What’s in this Release


This release is geared towards the pilot profile. The visually appealing data blocks, called widgets, make it easy to fill out the pilot profile. These widgets include places to add certificates and ratings, flight hours, aircraft flown, education and employment history, as well as other aspects of a pilot’s aviation background.

In this release, WingStats allows users to link certain types of information together such as where a certificate or rating was obtained, what types of aircraft were flown at previous employers, and the types of flight training and flying jobs a pilot has had. This helps to create a more, well rounded view of the pilot profile.


In WingStats for Pilots version 1.0 a user will have the ability to change a few minor but important settings. Privacy is a big concern for many people as it is for us at WingStats. Users can change their privacy in profile settings to one of three options:

1. Public – Anyone can see the profile
2. Private – No one can see the profile
3. Logged in Only – Only users logged in to WingStats as a pilot can view your profile.

If a profile is set to public or logged in only setting, the user can still decide what information is displayed. This is done using the private/public toggle located to the right in certain widgets.

If you set yours to public you can show it off share it by sending the a link with your username to friends and family. Simply put your username at the end of – for example here is one of the co-founders profiles

News Feed

The WingStats news feed is posted to a user’s dashboard. These postings will include things such as WingStats news and updates as well as helpful links and information. In a future release, users will be able to follow other users and airlines.

What’s in store for future releases

The WingStats team is filled with limitless ideas and it’s only a matter of time before we get them ready for use. Our ultimate goal is to create a professional interactive community between pilots, airlines, and aviation companies.

While we will be adding some updates to the current version of WingStats for Pilots, our next big push is WingStats for Airlines. This will link the Pilots and the Airlines together. Pilots with profiles will then be able to submit their profile to participating airlines for job consideration.

We hope that you enjoy WingStats for Pilots and choose to grow with a new innovative way of managing your aviation career. We would love to hear your comments, both positive and constructive related to WingStats. What feature would you most like to see WingStats add in the next release?