I wanted to fill those in who are unsure about WingStats and what direction it is going. I would just like to talk a little about what we have available to the public now and what is to come. As of right now, you are able to create WingStats account and fill out a profile.

There is some information on our About page, so I’ll try not to reiterate too much of that. As of right now, WingStats is in its early development stages. Our team is working hard to create a new environment for pilots to share their information with fellow pilots and eventually aviation companies that may choose to browse public profiles.

You may ask, “why would I want to sign up for an account now?” The answer to that is because we have what I believe is the wave of the future for professional networks for pilots. Signing up now would guarantee your own unique username of choice as well as a chance to help us make the product better. Also, by signing up now, you will be the first in line for new features that will be released on a scheduled basis and possibly insight to new and upcoming features.

Over the next few months there will be several features made available to pilots who are signed up including the ability to make your profile public to aviation companies. By the end of the year, we will have airlines signed up to use WingStats as a recruitment tool. Having a profile setup and complete now will put you ahead of the game when that time comes.

When it comes time to fill out new profiles on new sites, it typically takes a lot of your time. We at WingStats have tried to make that process quick and easy as we know time is valuable. As we roll out new features and updates, creating and updating your profile will that much quicker.

We have quite a bit in store for the remainder of 2014 and I hope that you decide to join us in our journey creating a professional and social environment for pilots. Please share any thought you may have concerning using a professional network for pilots.

CEO WingStats
Jared Allison