Did you receive the job? Yes
Total Flight Time: 5,500
Total Turbine PIC: 251
Total Turbine SIC: 4,000
Other previous Aviation Experience? Regional F/O
Where was the interview? Burlingame, CA
What to bring to Interview: Resume
Cover Letter
Required Paperwork (PRIA etc)
Was Transportation Provided? No
Transportation Comments:
Was Lodging Provided? No
Lodging comments: Stay at one of the airport hotels that provides transportation to and from the airport and is close to VA HQ. Common choices are the Red Roof Inn, Hilton and the Double Tree. These are all walking distance to the VA HQ and you will also have transportation to and from the airport via the shuttle.
Did you get a Food Allowance? No
Did you have Phone Screen? No
Phone screen comments:
Was there a Technical test? No
Technical test comments:
Was there a Personality test?: No
Personality test comments:
Did you have a Cognitive test?: No
Cognitive test comments:
How many on the panel interview: 6
Interview Questions:
  • Tell me about a time you handle a conflict between another pilot and flight attendant
  • How would you grade yourself as a pilot on a scale of 0-10
  • Why should we choose you today versus the other candiates
  • What would your boss say about you
  • Why Virgin America
Did you have a Simulator Eval? No
Simulator Eval Comments:
Simulator Eval Prep? No
Who did you SIM Prep with?
How much was SIM Prep?
Did you have a Physical Exam? No
Physical Exam comments:
Overall Impression?: This is a great place to work, and you will see they hire the same type of person in all departments within the airline. The moment you step into the interview to training to hitting the line the people they hire are awesome! I haven’t met a bad crew yet and everyone is very happy to come to work and they are proud of the VA product.

With regards to that the interview is very culture driven. At this point they know you can fly an airplane. They are looking for individuals that will reflect their culture. The panel interview is driven to ask questions about your interactions with passengers and flight crew members and how you handle conflicts. There is no technical or any trick questions. It is a very straight forward and enjoyable experience.

Did you do Interview Prep?: No
Interview Prep Comments:
Additional Comments:
Additional Advice: Don’t wear a TIE!!
Go in there knowing your qualified for the job or they wouldn’t have called you in for an interview! So be yourself and put your main focus on their culture, people and product! Those three things are really the difference VA has to offer to the flying public and they are very proud of this. They are trying to hire people who will buy into the system and understands what makes VA different.