Did you receive the job? Yes
Total Flight Time: 4,200
Total Turbine PIC: 0
Total Turbine SIC: 3,100
Other previous Aviation Experience? ExpressJet Airlnes (ASA), Air Mekong Airlines
Where was the interview? Denver
What to bring to Interview: Required to bring logbooks, PRIA paperwork, release of drivers record form, copies of all licenses passport, current medical, drivers license. They had a few other document that they provide to sign that are United specific.
Was Transportation Provided? No
Transportation Comments: The Double tree hotel has a shuttle that runs from the airport every half hour. Also the United Training center has a shuttle that runs on a set schedule as well.
Was Lodging Provided? No
Lodging comments: Double Tree across from the United Denver Training center was very convenient. There is also a Holiday Inn which is equally as close.
Did you get a Food Allowance? No
Did you have Phone Screen? No
Phone screen comments:
Was there a Technical test? Yes
Technical test comments: The technical interview was pretty straight forward. We sat down and a flight was already picked for me. It was a flight from DEN- PDX. I was given ATIS TAF NOTAMS and CLEARANCE for both origin and destination. I was told to familiarize myself with them and then give a departure briefing to my first officer who was brand new to the aircraft however had two years experience at the company. This was off the top of my head, no checklist or anything to follow. Everything was very straight forward, there were a few notams none of which had any effect on our flight. Then we briefed the departure procedure along with altitude, speed restrictions and top altitude if cleared to climb via. This was all done using a United provided iPad with Jeppesen Pro.

Then he had me recite the take off profile from memory. He asked what would change about the SID if we had a runway change. In this case there were several intermediate altitude restrictions that changed depending on which runway you departed from. He then pointed to a fix on a different transition of the same SID and asked what would my top altitude be if cleared direct here and climb via.

We then jumped to the en route portion where I selected problem A-D which was what abnormality I would have to deal with. Mine was a standby power failure. I transferred the controls to the FO and dealt with the issue. Very easy three step fix. The QRH was provided on the same iPad that the Jeppesen Pro was on. I then said I would contact dispatch and let them know of the issue. Notify MX of the issue and to meet us at the gate when we arrive to ensure the next flight could get out on time. Approaching TOD I needed to ask for ATIS in PDX and then brief the arrival and give an approach briefing. In this case it was VMC so I briefed the visual backed up with the ILS for the associated runway. Talked about exit strategy and missed approach pattern altitude.

He then asked me to recite the approach profile followed by the go around profile. Turns out the airport had a security breach and was now closed indefinitely. I transferred the controls back to the FO and reached out to the dispatcher for suggestions on close by suitable fields that could support this size aircraft and preferable had a United operations. There were two options both suitable one was further away so I chose the closer airport since we had no extra fuel and no planned alternate. I briefed the flight attendant on the situation and how long we had until our next approach and landing as well as made a PA to the customers and notified dispatch. I then took the controls back from the FO and we diverted. That was the end of the exercise.

The technical portion was followed by the CRM video. The video was one of an unstabilized approach. The captain and FO were not using standard callouts or following any SOP or profile for the approach so there was a breakdown of communication. The CA was high/fast and behind profile as far as configuring the aircraft. Also the FO called for a go around twice and the CA ignored it. He forced the plane down from an unstabilized approach. We discussed where the breakdown happened and what I would have done different.

Was there a Personality test?: No
Personality test comments:
Did you have a Cognitive test?: No
Cognitive test comments:
How many on the panel interview: 2
Interview Questions:
  • TMAAT you encouraged a coworker at work to help them succeed.
  • TMAAT you did something because it was the right thing to do.
  • TMAAT you disagreed with a company policy or procedure and what did you do to change it.
  • TMAAT you had an inflight emergency and how you handled it.
  • TMA your greatest skill and a situation where you used it to solve a conflict.
  • Why do you want to work at United Airlines?
Did you have a Simulator Eval? No
Simulator Eval Comments:
Simulator Eval Prep? No
Who did you SIM Prep with?
How much was SIM Prep?
Did you have a Physical Exam? No
Physical Exam comments:
Overall Impression?: The interview was overall a very pleasant process for me. They are welcoming and put you at ease every step of the process. They really seemed to be genuinely happy to have you there and we’re just interested in getting to know each applicant better.
Did you do Interview Prep?: Yes
Interview Prep Comments: I did the Emerald Coast interview prep course as well as the Cage Consulting interview prep as well as resume and application review.
Additional Comments:
Additional Advice: I definitely feel the interview preparation was useful in organizing my thought process and life stories so I could present them clearly and concisely. Cage Consulting was good for United specific applicants and I recommend their product.