Did you receive the job? Yes
Total Flight Time: 4,500
Total Turbine PIC: 2,000
Total Turbine SIC: 2,000
Other previous Aviation Experience? Scheduled/unscheduled 135
Where was the interview? Columbus, OH
What to bring to Interview: They will give a list of documents needed, however there was a thorough logbook review and a review of certificates.
Was Transportation Provided? Yes
Transportation Comments: Positive space ticket, they were very accommodating. They will fly you out the day prior to the interview and then there was an AM and PM interview group on day 1.
Was Lodging Provided? Yes
Lodging comments: Hilton at the airport that also provided shuttle transportation to the interview.
Did you get a Food Allowance? Yes
Did you have Phone Screen? Yes
Phone screen comments: Basically screened for disqualification circumstances. Why Netjets? Check ride failures, or enforcement actions?
Was there a Technical test? No
Technical test comments:
Was there a Personality test?: No
Personality test comments:
Did you have a Cognitive test?: No
Cognitive test comments:
How many on the panel interview: 2
Interview Questions:
  • All tell me about a time type questions – I had thought of different situations from my past to use as examples and that helped answer. Online examples of questions were helpful.
  • Any questions for us?
Did you have a Simulator Eval? Yes
Simulator Eval Comments: After day 1 we were given basic profiles and fallouts to study. We were told its ok to use current companies callouts as well if it helped.

Hand flown departure with 180 degree turn and speed restriction. Steep turns precision approach with missed.

Simulator Eval Prep? No
Who did you SIM Prep with?
How much was SIM Prep?
Did you have a Physical Exam? No
Physical Exam comments:
Overall Impression?: Overall great company . They try and make you feel relaxed. There is a PowerPoint and tour of the facility which helps understand the size of the operation.
Did you do Interview Prep?: No
Interview Prep Comments:
Additional Comments:
Additional Advice: come prepared and read up. If you haven’t been hand flying get some practice. The person doing the interview commented that it becomes clear very quickly who has/has not been hand flying instruments recently. Research the fractional model and have a basic understanding of what it is.