Jennifer Perry attended university at UND (University of North Dakota) where she finished in three years by staying every summer. Her aspirations in attending UND were to join their well established aviation program and become a professional aviatrix… which is exactly what she did. In August of 2005 Jenny graduated from UND with her B.S. in Commercial Aviation. She traveled the world, flying and living a life of adventure and excitement until, in 2007, she finally scored a job at a regional airline as a commercial pilot. Currently based out of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, she is well adapted to the rigors and rewards of regional airline life. Through this new avenue in Jenny’s life and career she met many pilots and others in the industry and made many new friends. When she isn’t flying she spends her time with friends in downtown Atlanta or traveling with her fiance (an Aeronautical Engineer) to other destinations in search of great times. Her motto has always been to maintain a great sense of adventure. This is a fact that is evident in the lifestyle that she keeps and the way she carries herself. This great sense of adventure and knowledge of the industry has served her well throughout her life and will continue to do so as she shares her thoughts via the Wingstats Blog.