Did you receive the job? Yes
Total Flight Time: 5,400
Total Turbine PIC: 0
Total Turbine SIC: 4,700
Other previous Aviation Experience? CFII-ASEL
Where was the interview? Honolulu, HI (Phase 1), LAX (Phase 2)
What to bring to Interview: They were pretty straightforward in their email directions of what to bring. No need for transcripts or anything.

Phase 1: Identifying documents and certificates, resume. I think they only asked to see my resume. I brought logbooks just in case.

Phase 2: color copies of documents and logbooks were reviewed.

Was Transportation Provided? No
Transportation Comments: They do not provide air transportation, so you will have to jumpseat or buy a ticket. I jump seated both ways. I recommend trying to ride on Hawaiian if at all possible, it was asked in the interview.

Phase 1: interview is located in their headquarters at the airport. Easy taxi or hotel shuttle there. I stayed for a few days and rented a car. I recommend using www.autoslash.com if renting a car.

Phase 2: testing was in LAX or HNL, your choice. I chose LAX, easy shuttle to testing location (Hilton LAX).

Was Lodging Provided? No
Lodging comments: I stayed at an AirBnB east of Honolulu in Waialae-Kahala. It was expensive (about $200/night for a studio attached to a house), but I made a weekend out of it. I stay at enough airport hotels to know I didn’t want to do that. For me it was worth it to be able to explore the different parts of the city and not be tied down to a hotel area.
Did you get a Food Allowance? No
Did you have Phone Screen? No
Phone screen comments:
Was there a Technical test? No
Technical test comments:
Was there a Personality test?: Yes
Personality test comments: During Phase 2 you do two computer based tests. MMPI and the other one is NEO, I believe. NEO is around 250 questions and you either strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree or strongly disagree with the statements. The MMPI is much longer and the answers are true or false. My suggestions of you haven’t taken a test like this before, is to just read each question carefully but don’t think about your answers too hard. Just be honest. It was stressed that if we didn’t “pass” we might get a call from their psychologist to talk or maybe redo a test. It wouldn’t be the end of the road.
Did you have a Cognitive test?: Yes
Cognitive test comments: If you’ve heard of the Delta Cog test or have taken it, their test is the same (lots of info online about it). Prep with Lumosity, read the directions carefully and do the practice tests before moving on to the actual test. It was challenging, but not impossible. At one point, you will have to remember a sequence of numbers associated with symbols. Remember the sequence, they will ask you to recall it later. Also keep your cool during the testing. One guy kept getting frustrated and making remarks during our test. I tuned him out, but after he left the test administrator apologized for his disturbance. Just remember, everyone is evaluating you and your ability to keep your cool in a stressful situation.
How many on the panel interview: Panel 1: 4 Panel 2: 4
Interview Questions:
  • Tell us about your flight career?
  • Why did you move on from each place?
  • If I had the chance to upgrade where I’m currently employed, would I?
  • What do you like about Hawaiian?
  • What do you like about your current place of employment?
  • What is your favorite airplane?
  • How did you get here, was it on Hawaiian?
  • If you were hired here, would you mind being an FO for a longer period of time?
  • They had me come up with a question to ask myself, essentially what would I want them to know about myself that they didn’t already ask?
  • You could get hired by any major airline, why Hawaiian?
  • TMAAT you used CRM skills?
  • TMAAT you showed leadership?
  • Why not “X” major airline, you would be perfect for them?
  • So Hawaiian is your number one choice?
  • Tell us everything you know about Hawaiian?
  • Challenges you have faced and how you overcome them daily?
  • A lot of further chatting and getting to know you.
Did you have a Simulator Eval? Yes
Simulator Eval Comments: Watched a basic 10 minute intro on the sim and how it works, features, scenario etc. Then walked into the Sim room and met my “FO”, a sim operator pilot and I believe two check airmen. Me and four other guys. Sim operator explained a few things and then we started. Scenario was depart SMF on 34L. Get clearance Dudes9 departure to SLC. It was pretty evident you were going to divert back to SMF. Wx was calm winds, 500 overcast. Hand fly up to 3000 and autopilot on for almost the rest of the flight until approach to landing. We level off (FO handles all FCP changes, etc. you just tell him what you want). We have a pressurization problem and go through checklist. Decide to divert back to SMF. They give you direct to the VOR and give holding instructions. I did a parallel entry so be sure to review holding pattern entries, speeds etc. From there we briefed the ILS to 34L and were given vectors. Hand flew it in from about 11 out. Landed and debriefed. They wanted me to facilitate the briefing and wanted to know how I felt about the flight. Told them I thought it went well and that we communicated well as a crew. Things you would change? I told them I missed the ball on calling dispatch or the FAs before diverting so don’t forget that. Sim guy said he liked how I timed at the FAF inbound, not many do that, other guy said we had good CRM and I had great situational awareness.
Simulator Eval Prep? No
Who did you SIM Prep with?
How much was SIM Prep?
Did you have a Physical Exam? No
Physical Exam comments:
Overall Impression?: Great company, positive interview experience. Very stress free. It seemed very personalized and it seemed they valued my time and making the effort to come out. Everyone was available for questions during the process.
Did you do Interview Prep?: No
Interview Prep Comments:
Additional Comments: Everyone they are hiring are going into a pool of candidates. They did two classes this summer. Some more possible this fall with retirements. Classes expected later this year into early next year. Depends on some additional flying factors and the A321s coming on board.
Additional Advice: