At WingStats we’re committed to providing innovative tools that effectively enhance the recruitment and hiring process for airlines and pilots.

Who We Are

WingStats was founded in 2011. After initially developing the idea of WingStats and consulting with industry associates, the core team at WingStats designed, iterated and tested their product with exactly what their customers have been asking for. The team brings together a combined 30 years of experience with their backgrounds in Aeronautical Science, Aeronautical Resources, Software Engineering, Management Information Systems, Databases, Finance, & Business Management.

Together they push to bring cutting edge products to the field of Aeronautical Resources.

What We Offer

WingStats is the first online public network that allows a pilot to directly connect with airline and pilot recruiters. Being in the airline industry we know how much airlines love automation, and when used correctly, can be very efficient. This is also true for pilot hiring. WingStats was developed to be a one-stop-shop for both pilots and airlines to provide more automation in the recruitment process.

Pilots are provided with the tools necessary to manage their aviation career progression. A pilot profile is used to submit and manage an application to targeted airlines through the WingStats Job Center. The pilot profile also gives an overview of a pilot’s flying statistics in a variety of formats. With the WingStats news feed, a pilot can also “follow” an airline to receive instant and important updates.

Airlines are provided with a Dashboard which allows them to update hiring news, set hiring requirements, maintain public profile, and manage required hiring documents. Also, airlines can manage and view applications and applicants through the hiring process. Through the airline dashboard, statistics and hiring data can be tracked and reviewed in order to refine the hiring process.